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    The world has changed dramatically, and in some ways forever. What hasn’t changed is the entrepreneurial desire to succeed in business and to develop critical relationships with people who can help and support us. More than ever before, business leaders and entrepreneurs need to identify and execute new strategies and unique opportunities in order to grow and thrive. One strategy that has always been a must-have for success – a community of peers who can help each other accomplish their goals. If this sounds like you, then you need to learn about M3Linked™.

    M3LINKED™ of Chicago is made up of high-performing, proven entrepreneurs and business leaders who are serious about growing their business and helping others do the same. This is a private, invitation-only community which will help transform your business. If you are looking to connect with business leaders, investors, peers, mentors and entrepreneurs who will become invaluable to you, then sign-up to be a guest at one of our weekly M3Forums™.

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    M3Linked™ is an exclusive community and membership is by invitation only. To be considered for membership, please check for upcoming experiences below.

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Virtual Meeting most Wednesdays at 8:30am

A high-level community of entrepreneurs with resources, knowledge, skills and contacts that converge.

It’s welcoming. Connecting professionally has never been more comfortable. Why are people smiling? Because they are genuinely interested in meeting you and learning about YOU. Members offer suggestions that can and will move the needle for you and your business. It can be overwhelming; we were once where you are. Soon you’ll know, this is a real community. We’re glad you’re here!



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Complimentary tickets are reserved for all 1st-time guests based on availability.

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